extend the cloud to the edge

mimik edgeSDK

enables discovery, connection, and communication between edge nodes on physical and microservice levels

unify your devices with mimik access

data explosion is the main challenge facing the explosive growth of IoT devices.

connected devices are growing explosively and generating massive amounts of data. It is not feasible to send all this data back to the cloud to process centrally.


mimik empowers computing devices to offload the cloud functions to the edge

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mimik provides a platform to leverage billions of powerful heterogeneous computing devices including mobile phones, tablets. PCs, set-top boxes, smart TVs, highend routers to empower distributed edge computing.

mimik edgeSDK is available for many hardware platforms and operating systems and enables unprecedented communication across heterogeneous devices.

mimik enables communication across heterogeneous edge nodes

mimik edgeSDK provides a management platform and a runtime environment for microservices on heterogenous edge devices including mobile phones.

mimik provides a microservice environment for edge nodes

mimik turns any computing device into a cloud server

mimik's distributed micro-cloud platform turns computing devices into clusters of connected edge cloud servers.

get the edgeSDK

use mimik edgeSDK in your devices or applications to enable discovery, connection, and communication at physical and microservice levels without the hassle of low-level network setup or programming.

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